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Download Fimex and experience the difference! With Fimex, everything will be resolved at a glance with extremely high efficiency.
Let's take a quick look at how it solves your problems!

Promote your booth

If you are an exporter and you want to expand your market at a low cost, register to create your booth on Fimex. Just perform some simple procedures, you can create your own booth and get the opportunity to connect with hundreds of businesses around the world. Once and for all!

Factory/fair tour

Joining import-export fair or visiting factories is a great way to learn about vendors. However, the complicated registration process makes you worried? With Fimex, you can easily find fairs/factories and register in just a few steps. This app will help you book flights, hotels, transport, and interpreter. All you have to do is fill the information as you want.

Verified sourcing and vendors

Product quality and supplier’s reputation is always a big concern for importers. However, with Fimex, you no longer have to be afraid of these issues, we commit that 100% of vendors on our app are verified.

Create logistics orders

With Fimex, you can create a logistics order in a few minutes. You just need to fill the goods information, shipping method, and delivery/receiving address. Then, your requests will be sent to the vendor. In case your business isn’t allowed to import/export, you can hire us as a third party to carry out customs procedures. Besides, you can track your order status with ease.

Customs procedures consulting

In order to perform customs procedures, you need to know about the HS code and taxes of goods that you want to import/export, but it is not easy. Don’t worry! With Fimex, you just need to let us know the goods information and we will send you the answer.

If you are a businessman and you are trying to buy or sell something to another country, come to Fimex!

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